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Hazuki Kanon wa Amakunai. CHAPTER LIST

Hazuki Kanon wa Amakunai.:

Hazuki Kanon is your average female High-School Delinquent. She is often late and skips class in the nurse office, occassionally talking to the male nurse BJ (Kuronada Jun). Tamaki Daiji likes to film stuff that captivates him the instant he encounters it, disregarding consequences. His friend Kihou Tomoka tries to snap him out of it, whenever she sees him stuck while he is late for something else. One day Kanon catches his interest while she stands on the roof of the opposite building. After asking Tomoka, he decides to head to the infirmary where Kanon sleeps occasionally. Kanon wakes up to some strange guy filming her. He even has the audacity to call her “thumb-suckling while sleeping“ cute and captivating. So she decides to let him keep the footage if he promises to keep her secret.