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I Want To Seduce The Hero Kemonar! CHAPTER LIST

I Want To Seduce The Hero Kemonar!:

This fetish is... deep! A romantic comedy featuring a hero with an unusual fetish, and his monster girl companions!! Misa's childhood friend and inspiration, is a hero, and a massive furry! Misa, a young magician, does her best to try match her hero friend's fetish. Along with a sphinx, kobold and a succubus! Whilst adventuring with many different monster girls, will Misa deepen her understanding of furries!? However she will face many challenges, such as entering a room that cannot be escape without getting freaky, or facing off against ultimate supreme monster girls... Will she be able to seduce the hero that inspires her!?
Chapter name Time uploaded
I Want To Seduce The Hero Kemonar! Chapter 2

: The Hero Kemonar and The Sphinx!