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Koi no Ori Mitsu no Kusari CHAPTER LIST
  • Koi no Ori Mitsu no Kusari

    Alternative : Caged by Love, Shackled by Honey ; Caged Love, Shackled Honey ; コイノオリミツノクサリ ; 恋の檻、蜜の鎖
  • Author(s) : Momozuki haruka
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : 2 days ago
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  • Genre : Yaoi, Smut, Drama, One shot
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Koi no Ori Mitsu no Kusari:

From Fantasyshrine: Mashita Kaname had recently lost his father and left him with a mountain of debts behind. Then a mysterious man, Hashimoto Hidemitsu, came barging in his home calling for his late father by his first name! What had happened between them? Is Kaname prepared to become his father's replacement?
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