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  • My Special One

    Alternative : 飒漫画 路非
  • Author(s) : Ks - Nuò Dòngmàn Gōngzuò Shì
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb 18, 04:45
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  • view : 50.000
  • Genre : Comedy, Romanc
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My Special One:

Three years later, Yunyun saw Haoyue, a girl she fancied three years ago who was playing rock music in a college gala. What are the odds for two people to meet again? And this time, they were going to be roommates. Moreover, Yunyun met her junior high school friend Hui in campus. Yunyun always had a secret in her deep heart that she had found Hui attractive, But gossips of over-intimacy between two girls drew them apart. But this time, will Yunyun face her true feelings?
Maybe coming in the next issue
My Special One Chapter 40
My Special One Chapter 41