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One World, One Fight! Webtoon CHAPTER LIST

One World, One Fight! Webtoon:

In this unprecedented situation, we cannot resort to the usual tools and must be creative in our response to address the crisis. Gen Z Group decided to adapt the Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment into a five-episode graphic novel. We hope to share the hard-earned lessons of front line Chinese doctors so that the rest of the world can learn from their mistakes, pick up their best practices, and save previous lives. For the public, a lot of the current measures are focused on educating the public on prevention measures — i.e. wash hands and keep a social distance, but there is not enough effort in telling them WHY they need to do it. People will only develop the sense of responsibility if they know how contagious the disease really is and how dangerous it is for the healthcare workers to work on the front line by seeing (graphically) the tedious steps of donning and removal of PPE; they will also only understand why it is not just a seasonal flu when they see the diagnosis (i.e. lung CT scans) and the treatment (oxygen therapy, intubation, ECMO, etc).