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Sono Ossan, Isekai de Nishuume Play wo Mankitsuchuu CHAPTER LIST
  • Sono Ossan, Isekai de Nishuume Play wo Mankitsuchuu

    Alternative : Isekai de Nishuume Play o Mankitsujuu ; Sono ossan, isekai de ni-shū-me purei o mankitsu-chū ; The man, enjoying the 2nd ROUND in a different world. ; The old man is enjoying the second lap in a different world ; The Old Man Who Got a Second Round in Another World ; Старик, который получил второй шанс в другом мире ; そのおっさん、異世界で二周目プレイを満喫中
  • Author(s) : Tsukiyo rui
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May 19, 13:24
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  • view : 545.000
  • Genre : Adaptation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Isekai, Monsters
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Sono Ossan, Isekai de Nishuume Play wo Mankitsuchuu:

Yuuya is a middle aged adventurer without talent. As hardworking as he is, he spends his days garnering little reward. One day, his memories of being a corporate slave return and he realizes that he has reincarnated into a world of the video game he had been obsessed with. As a bonus for resetting his level, his stats rise and the limits increase to the maximum. As a result, his life receives a turnaround. Using his knowledge of the game as well as his 10 years of experience as an adventurer, he will obtain all that he grasps with the skills he has forged. At last, in his third life, the time has come for the old man to be rewarded for his efforts.